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Technology Decision Makers

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K-12 Technology Decision Makers

Relevant decision-makers in the technology adoption process within educational settings

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Education technology is now integral across various school areas, including classroom, administration, sports, and safety. E-Rate funding has spurred tech adoption, involving a broad spectrum of school personnel in decision-making. Marketing educational technology requires understanding the distinct needs of various stakeholders, from district leaders for cybersecurity products to educators for curriculum tools, highlighting the multi-tiered decision process for new tech adoption.


Understanding the ecosystem of technology decision-makers and users in education is crucial. MCH offers extensive data on non-teaching administrative roles, aiding in targeting the right contacts for technology marketing. MCH's solutions, from hosting cloud data for marketing to product integration, provide the depth and quality needed for effective edtech marketing, utilized by entities like the CDC and search engines for various purposes.


TIP:  Make sure you include coverage for all appropriate decision makers and support personnel involved. Larger schools will have IT administrative personnel whereas smaller school may use a computer teacher or media specialist. District specialists are also critical to any technology solution.



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