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Access the Highest Quality Education Data

Find and engage the right education decision makers and leaders to meet your business goals.

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Targeted Data Solutions

We understand education marketing. We know that education businesses rely on solid information and accurate data to build new strategies, target new prospects, engage new buyers, and research new markets. MCH has been a pioneer and leader in providing up–to–date education contacts, within out high–quality data institutions, as well as expert advice on how to market education ideas and supplies since 1928. That's nearly 100 years of data experience on how to best reach educators and influencers within school districts of all sizes and locations.


Use our contact data to deploy smart, targeted marketing campaigns.

Sales Leaders

Build smart sales funnels of quality education prospects that convert.

Make Every Contact Count

Our tailored approach empowers marketers to harness the full spectrum of educational marketing strategies, offering unparalleled access to high-quality data across a vast array of educational job titles. Whether it's selling to schools or crafting bespoke educational services marketing campaigns, our diverse licensing options and advanced tools ensure your message resonates with the right audience, at the right time.


Dive deeper into our proven methodology and explore how our custom data solutions can elevate your marketing efforts. Click here to leverage our ListBuilder tool for customized data access or reach out to our team for personalized support, MCH Strategic Data is committed to maximizing your campaign's impact.


Discover the MCH difference and unlock your marketing potential in the educational sector today. 


Schools and Districts

Our schools and district data is updated continuously throughout the school year using a multifaceted compilation process, and scored using our proprietary scoring methods. Get detailed firmographic data on U.S. and Canadian schools and districts.

Classroom Teachers

MCH has over 4,000,000 classroom educators that are compiled and verified though a complex state of the art process that tracks 2/3 of these educators through school website rostering that are updated every 30-days. 

Music & Performing Arts

Specialized contact data becomes crucial for targeting these specific groups effectively. MCH's commitment to compiling nuanced group role data ensures that marketers can connect with the right educational programs.

Analytics Services

Need help translating your education data into the information you need? Our analytics services have you covered. Make more informed decisions – faster – to grow your business, retain more customers, and work more efficiently.

How analytics changes the game

  Enhanced ESP Report   Data Mapping   MCH Buyer Modeling   Customer Lifetime Value   Market Basket Analysis   Customer Reactivation   List Fatigue and Decay Analysis   Custom Analytics Projects


MCH has several plug and play applications that integrate with the most popular CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms. We also build custom integrations to fit any sales and marketing tech stack.

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What People Are Saying

"MoonPie loves MCH Strategic Data, To the Moon & Back... Thanks a ton for helping our team bring fresh-baked MoonPies to schools all across the U.S. so they have an opportunity to fundraise and reach their educational goals!"
"We buy from MCH Strategic Data on a regular basis having been impressed from the start with how helpful the team is with our initial data requests to processing the orders quickly. The quality of the data is also fantastic and we always generate a significant return on investment from our campaigns using the data straight away. I can highly recommend MCH Strategic Data, thank you MCH team for all your help!"
"We partnered with MCH Strategic Data on our Vision K-20 survey. We were able to leverage their valuable expertise and use their reliable data to promote our survey to thousands of educators."

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