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Music & Performing Arts Teachers

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K-12 Music & Performing Arts Teachers

Educators of Music and Performing Arts in K-12 Schools

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School music and performing arts programs, including band, marching band, orchestra, choir, and theater, are vital avenues for marketers specializing in uniforms, costumes, instruments, stage equipment, and student travel. These programs are not only integral to the creative development of students but also represent a substantial investment by schools, highlighting their potential as valuable marketing targets. Elementary and middle school music teachers, who engage with the entire student body through regular classes and performances, present unique opportunities for marketers to introduce products essential for such events.


At the high school level, the scale and scope of music and theater programs expand significantly. Marching bands, choirs, and orchestras often encompass a large part of the student population, necessitating a variety of products from uniforms to travel opportunities for performances. Similarly, theater programs demand a wide range of resources, including set construction materials, lighting, sound systems, and costumes. Specialized contact data, beyond what's available through standard teacher licensing information, becomes crucial for targeting these specific groups effectively. MCH's commitment to compiling nuanced group role data ensures that marketers can connect with the right educational programs, making it a trusted source for engaging this distinct segment.


TIP:  In most cases high school performance groups (Marching Band, Band, Orchestra, etc) offer the largest and best opportunities in this market. The bigger the school the more music and theater programs they will have and the larger each of these programs will typically be. But remember, elementary and middle school music teachers do typically work with every child until at least middle school as music is part of a standard elementary education program. In General, the larger wealthier schools will be your best prospects. If you achieve good results there, then roll out to other large enrollment schools next. Finally, consider using direct mail “Title Slugged” campaigns to any larger schools that do not provide information publicly on these programs.


TIP:  During the COVID pandemic several federal relief programs were put into effect to help schools and districts (see Tip Below). Many schools and districts have been cautious about how they use this money. The recognition is that these are temporary funds to help fill in revenue short falls. Once this money goes away any recurring expenses like increased payroll costs will have to be funded some other way. Many schools and districts have opted to spend the money on one time purchase items or to replace old and worn-out items. Music and sports have benefited greatly from this approach. New fields, performance areas, uniforms and music equipment are being purchased. This is a great time to push hard into these areas if relevant because there are still billions left to spend.



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